Radial and ulnar bursae of the wrist: cadaveric investigation of regional anatomy with ultrasonographic-guided tenography and MR imaging.

Research paper by Rodrigo O C RO Aguiar, Emerson L EL Gasparetto, Dante L DL Escuissato, Edson E Marchiori, Debbie J DJ Trudell, Parviz P Haghighi, Donald D Resnick

Indexed on: 12 May '06Published on: 12 May '06Published in: Skeletal Radiology


To demonstrate the anatomy of the radial and ulnar bursae of the wrist using MR and US images.Ultrasonographic-guided tenography of the tendon sheath of flexor pollicis longus (FPL) and the common tendon sheath of the flexor digitorum of the fifth digit (FD5) of ten cadaveric hands was performed, followed by magnetic resonance imaging and gross anatomic correlation. Patterns of communication were observed between these tendon sheaths and the radial and ulnar bursae of the wrist.The tendon sheath of the FPL communicated with the radial bursa in 100% (10/10) of cases, and the tendon sheath of the FD5 communicated with the ulnar bursa in 80% (8/10). Communication of the radial and ulnar bursae was evident in 100% (10/10), and presented an "hourglass" configuration in the longitudinal plane.The ulnar and radial bursae often communicate. The radial bursa communicates with the FPL tendon sheath, and the ulnar bursa may communicate with the FD5 tendon sheath.