Racial/ethnic socialization mediates perceived racism and the racial identity of African American adolescents.

Research paper by Howard C HC Stevenson, Edith G EG Arrington

Indexed on: 15 Apr '09Published on: 15 Apr '09Published in: Cultural diversity & ethnic minority psychology


Racism and racial/ethnic socialization are proposed as interactive risk and resilience factors that promote the development of multiple dimensions of racial identity among African American youth are the focus of this study. One-hundred and eight African American students responded to questions about their racial identity and socialization. Controlling for demographic characteristics of ecological support (from family, friends, and neighbors), neighborhood racial composition, and gender, findings revealed that racism exposure significantly explained the variance of several racial identity components and ideologies but that racial/ethnic socialization mediated that influence. We discuss the implications for future study of racism experience on the racial identity development of African American youth.