Quotient triangulated categories

Research paper by Xiao-Wu Chen, Pu Zhang

Indexed on: 31 Mar '07Published on: 31 Mar '07Published in: Mathematics - Representation Theory


For a self-orthogonal module $T$, the relation between the quotient triangulated category $D^b(A)/K^b({\rm add} T)$ and the stable category of the Frobenius category of $T$-Cohen-Macaulay modules is investigated. In particular, for a Gorenstein algebra, we get a relative version of the description of the singularity category due to Happel. Also, the derived category of a Gorenstein algebra is explicitly given, inside the stable category of the graded module category of the corresponding trivial extension algebra, via Happel's functor $F: D^b(A) \longrightarrow T(A)^{\mathbb{Z}}{-}\underline{\rm mod}$.