Quasi-three-level Nd:YVO4 laser by diode pumping at 888 nm

Research paper by Y. F. Lü, X. H. Fu, W. B. Cheng, J. Xia, J. F. Chen, Z. T. Liu

Indexed on: 02 Sep '10Published on: 02 Sep '10Published in: Laser Physics


We report efficient laser emission on the 914 nm 4F3/2 to 4I9/2 transition in Nd:YVO4 under the pump with diode lasers at 888 nm for the first time. Continuous wave 6.57 W output power at 914 nm is obtained from a V-type resonator under 18.3 W of absorbed pump power; the slope efficiency with respect to the absorbed pump power was 60.6%. Moreover, intracavity frequency doubling with BiB3O6 (BiBO) nonlinear crystal yielded 1.77 W of deep-blue light at 457 nm with beam quality characterized by an M2 factor of 1.25.