Quasi-Hopf $*$-Algebras

Research paper by M. D. Gould, T. Lekatsas

Indexed on: 24 Apr '06Published on: 24 Apr '06Published in: Mathematics - Quantum Algebra


We introduce quasi-Hopf $*$-algebras i.e. quasi-Hopf algebras equipped with a conjugation (star) operation. The definition of quasi-Hopf $*$-algebras proposed ensures that the class of quasi-Hopf $*$-algebras is closed under twisting and additionally, that any Hopf $*$-algebra becomes a quasi-Hopf $*$-algebra via twisting. The basic properties of these algebras are developed. The relationship between the antipode and star structure is investigated. Quasi-triangular quasi-Hopf $*$-algebras are introduced and studied.