Quantum teleportation between distant matter qubits.

Research paper by S S Olmschenk, D N DN Matsukevich, P P Maunz, D D Hayes, L-M LM Duan, C C Monroe

Indexed on: 24 Jan '09Published on: 24 Jan '09Published in: Science


Quantum teleportation is the faithful transfer of quantum states between systems, relying on the prior establishment of entanglement and using only classical communication during the transmission. We report teleportation of quantum information between atomic quantum memories separated by about 1 meter. A quantum bit stored in a single trapped ytterbium ion (Yb+) is teleported to a second Yb+ atom with an average fidelity of 90% over a replete set of states. The teleportation protocol is based on the heralded entanglement of the atoms through interference and detection of photons emitted from each atom and guided through optical fibers. This scheme may be used for scalable quantum computation and quantum communication.