Quantum state reduction for universal measurement based computation.

Research paper by Xie X Chen, Runyao R Duan, Zhengfeng Z Ji, Bei B Zeng

Indexed on: 28 Sep '10Published on: 28 Sep '10Published in: Physical review letters


Measurement based quantum computation, which requires only single particle measurements on a universal resource state to achieve the full power of quantum computing, has been recognized as one of the most promising models for the physical realization of quantum computers. Despite considerable progress in the past decade, it remains a great challenge to search for new universal resource states with naturally occurring Hamiltonians and to better understand the entanglement structure of these kinds of states. Here we show that most of the resource states currently known can be reduced to the cluster state, the first known universal resource state, via adaptive local measurements at a constant cost. This new quantum state reduction scheme provides simpler proofs of universality of resource states and opens up plenty of space to the search of new resource states.