Quantum state reconstruction of spectral field modes: homodyne and resonator detection schemes

Research paper by Felippe A. S. Barbosa, Antonio S. Coelho, Katiuscia N. Cassemiro, Paulo Nussenzveig, Claude Fabre, Alessandro S. Villar, Marcelo Martinelli

Indexed on: 21 Nov '13Published on: 21 Nov '13Published in: Quantum Physics


We revisit the problem of quantum state reconstruction of light beams from the photocurrent quantum noise. As is well-known, but often overlooked, two longitudinal field modes contribute to each spectral component of the photocurrent (sideband modes). We show that spectral homodyne detection is intrinsically incapable of providing all the information needed for the full reconstruction of the two-mode spectral quantum state. Such a limitation is overcome by the technique of resonator detection. A detailed theoretical description and comparison of both methods is presented, as well as an experiment to measure the six-mode quantum state of pump-signal-idler beams of an optical parametric oscillator above the oscillation threshold.