Quantum Predicative Programming

Research paper by Anya Tafliovich, E. C. R. Hehner

Indexed on: 17 Feb '06Published on: 17 Feb '06Published in: Quantum Physics


The subject of this work is quantum predicative programming -- the study of developing of programs intended for execution on a quantum computer. We look at programming in the context of formal methods of program development, or programming methodology. Our work is based on probabilistic predicative programming, a recent generalisation of the well-established predicative programming. It supports the style of program development in which each programming step is proven correct as it is made. We inherit the advantages of the theory, such as its generality, simple treatment of recursive programs, time and space complexity, and communication. Our theory of quantum programming provides tools to write both classical and quantum specifications, develop quantum programs that implement these specifications, and reason about their comparative time and space complexity all in the same framework.