Quantum network for information processing on superconducting qubits with dark microwave photons

Research paper by Ming Hua, Ming-Jie Tao, Fu-Guo Deng

Indexed on: 31 Oct '15Published on: 31 Oct '15Published in: Quantum Physics


We present two one-step schemes to generate the Bell state and construct the controlled-phase gate deterministically on remote transmon qutrits trapped in different resonators connected by a superconducting transmission line for a quantum network. They are implemented with coherent evolutions of the entire system in the all-resonance regime assisted by the dark microwave photons which are robust against the transmission line loss. Different from previous works in other quantum systems for a quantum network, the present proposals do not require classical pulses and ancillary qubits. Our simulations with feasible parameters show that the fidelities of both these schemes exceed 99% which is beyond the fault-tolerant threshold for quantum communication.