Quantum Metrology with Cold Atoms

Research paper by Jiahao Huang, Shuyuan Wu, Honghua Zhong, Chaohong Lee

Indexed on: 27 Nov '13Published on: 27 Nov '13Published in: Quantum Physics


Quantum metrology is the science that aims to achieve precision measurements by making use of quantum principles. Attribute to the well-developed techniques of manipulating and detecting cold atoms, cold atomic systems provide an excellent platform for implementing precision quantum metrology. In this chapter, we review the general procedures of quantum metrology and some experimental progresses in quantum metrology with cold atoms. Firstly, we give the general framework of quantum metrology and the calculation of quantum Fisher information, which is the core of quantum parameter estimation. Then, we introduce the quantum interferometry with single and multiparticle states. In particular, for some typical multiparticle states, we analyze their ultimate precision limits and show how quantum entanglement could enhance the measurement precision beyond the standard quantum limit. Further, we review some experimental progresses in quantum metrology with cold atomic systems.