Quantum Information Splitting of Arbitrary Three-Qubit State by Using Four-Qubit Cluster State and GHZ-State

Research paper by Dong-fen Li, Rui-jin Wang, Feng-li Zhang

Indexed on: 19 Sep '14Published on: 19 Sep '14Published in: International Journal of Theoretical Physics


A scheme is proposed for quantum information splitting of arbitrary three-qubit state by using four-qubit cluster state and GHZ state as quantum channel. In the scenario, assume that the sender is called Alice, the receiver is called Bob and the controller id called Charlie. First of all, Alice performs Bell-state measurements on her qubit paris (A, 1), (B, 3), (C, 5), respectively. And then tells Charlie and Bob measure results via a classical channel. It is impossible for Bob to reconstruct the original state with local operation; if Charlie allows Bob to reconstruct the original states, he needs to perform a single particle measurement on his particle and tells Bob the results. According to the information from Alice and Charlie, Bob can reconstruct the original state with an appropriate unitary operation of his qubits 2, 4, 6.We also consider the problem of security attacks .This protocol is considered to be secure.