Quantum Entanglement and Detection of Topological Order in Numerics

Research paper by Tarun Grover

Indexed on: 09 Dec '11Published on: 09 Dec '11Published in: Physics - Strongly Correlated Electrons


"Topological ordered" phases such as gapped quantum spin-liquids and fractional quantum Hall states possess ground state degeneracy on a torus. We show that the topological nature of this degeneracy has interesting consequences for the entanglement structure of the degenerate ground states. This leads to a simple method for detecting topological order, which is ready-made for numerical schemes such as density matrix renormalization group. The method is valid for phases that do or do not possess edge states alike. We demonstrate it by calculating the entanglement spectrum and the topological entanglement entropy for a chiral spin-liquid state on a 18 site system.