Quantum diffusion in the Kronig-Penney model

Research paper by Masahiro Kaminaga, Takuya Mine

Indexed on: 02 Mar '16Published on: 02 Mar '16Published in: Mathematical Physics


In this paper we consider the 1D Schr\"odinger operator $H$ with periodic point interactions. We show an $L^1-L^\infty$ bound for the time evolution operator $e^{-itH}$ restricted to each energy band with decay order $O(t^{-1/3})$ as $t\to \infty$, which comes from some kind of resonant state. The order $O(t^{-1/3})$ is optimal for our model. We also give an asymptotic bound for the coefficient in the high energy limit. For the proof, we give an asymptotic analysis for the band functions and the Bloch waves in the high energy limit. Especially we give the asymptotics for the inflection points in the graphs of band functions, which is crucial for the asymptotics of the coefficient in our estimate.