Quantum computing with magnetic atoms in optical lattices of reduced periodicity

Research paper by Boris Ravaine, Andrei Derevianko, P. R. Berman

Indexed on: 24 Jun '06Published on: 24 Jun '06Published in: Quantum Physics


We investigate the feasibility of combining Raman optical lattices with a quantum computing architecture based on lattice-confined magnetically interacting neutral atoms. A particular advantage of the standing Raman field lattices comes from reduced interatomic separations leading to increased interatomic interactions and improved multi-qubit gate performance. Specifically, we analyze a $J=3/2$ Zeeman system placed in $% \sigma _{+}-\sigma_{-}$ Raman fields which exhibit $\lambda /4$ periodicity. We find that the resulting CNOT gate operations times are in the order of millisecond. We also investigate motional and magnetic-field induced decoherences specific to the proposed architecture.