Quantum chemical study on the one-carbon unit transfer of imidazolinium

Research paper by Congmin Kang, Chuansong Qi, Dacheng Feng, Zhengting Cai

Indexed on: 01 Jun '02Published on: 01 Jun '02Published in: Science China. Chemistry


One-carbon unit transfer reaction of folate cofactor model compound, 1-acetyl-2-methyl-imidazolinium, with 1,2-diaminobenzene has been studied theoretically with ONIOM method. The result shows that there are two pathways to complete this reaction because the imidazolinium ring has two breaking patterns. Both the two pathways have six steps. They are combination of two reactants, proton migration, break of five-membered ring, formation of benzimidazole derivate, another proton migration, and formation of final products. In each of the above pathways, the two proton migration steps have higher energy, which illuminate that the reaction is catalyzed by general acid-base. This fact agrees with the experimental results of enzymatic one-carbon unit transfer at oxidation level of formate.

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