Calan Appadu, Timothy J. Hollowood, Dafydd Price, Daniel C. Thompson


We consider lambda and anisotropic deformations of the SU(2) principal chiral model and show how they can be quantized in the Hamiltonian formalism on a lattice as a suitable spin chain. The spin chain is related to the higher spin XXZ Heisenberg chain and can be solved by using the Bethe Ansatz. This yields the spectrum and S-matrix of the excitations. In particular, we find the S-matrix in the gapped anti-ferromagnetic regime. In this regime, a continuum limit does not exist and this suggests that the field theories in this regime, precisely ones with a cyclic RG like the Yang-Baxter deformations, may only exist as effective theories. In a certain limit, we show that the XXZ type lambda model gives the symmetric space SU(2)/U(1) lambda model and, hence, we are able to find its spectrum and S-matrix and show that it gives the S-matrix of the O(3) sigma model in the appropriate limit. Finally, we show the full consistency of the S-matrix and the Lagrangian formulations of the lambda model, by coupling to a conserved charge and computing the way the ground state energy changes in both pictures.