Quantum-aided Multi-Objective Routing Optimization Using Back-Tracing-Aided Dynamic Programming

Research paper by Dimitrios Alanis, Panagiotis Botsinis, Zunaira Babar, Hung Viet Nguyen, Daryus Chandra, Soon Xin Ng, Lajos Hanzo

Indexed on: 05 Apr '18Published on: 05 Apr '18Published in: arXiv - Quantum Physics


Pareto optimality is capable of striking the optimal trade-off amongst the diverse conflicting QoS requirements of routing in wireless multihop networks. However, this comes at the cost of increased complexity owing to searching through the extended multi-objective search-space. We will demonstrate that the powerful quantum-assisted dynamic programming optimization framework is capable of circumventing this problem. In this context, the so-called Evolutionary Quantum Pareto Optimization (EQPO) algorithm has been proposed, which is capable of identifying most of the optimal routes at a near-polynomial complexity versus the number of nodes. As a benefit, we improve both the the EQPO algorithm by introducing a back-tracing process. We also demonstrate that the improved algorithm, namely the Back-Tracing-Aided EQPO (BTA-EQPO) algorithm, imposes a negligible complexity overhead, while substantially improving our performance metrics, namely the relative frequency of finding all Pareto-optimal solutions and the probability that the Pareto-optimal solutions are indeed part of the optimal Pareto front