Quantitative methods for food allergens: a review.

Research paper by Stéphanie S Kirsch, Séverine S Fourdrilis, Rowan R Dobson, Marie-Louise ML Scippo, Guy G Maghuin-Rogister, Edwin E De Pauw

Indexed on: 23 Jun '09Published on: 23 Jun '09Published in: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry


The quantitative detection of allergens in the food chain is a strategic health objective as the prevalence of allergy continues to rise. Food allergenicity is caused by proteins either in their native form or in forms resulting from food processing. Progress in mass spectrometry greatly opened up the field of proteomics. These advances are now available for the detection and the quantification of traces of allergenic proteins in complex mixtures, and complete the set of biological tests used until now, such as ELISA or PCR. We review methods classified according to their ability to simultaneously quantify and identify allergenic proteins and underline major advances in the mass-spectrometric methods.