Quantifying the Chiral Magnetic Effect from Anomalous-Viscous Fluid Dynamics

Research paper by Shuzhe Shi, Yin Jiang, Elias Lilleskov, Yi Yin, Jinfeng Liao

Indexed on: 13 Apr '17Published on: 13 Apr '17Published in: arXiv - Nuclear Theory


In this contribution we report a recently developed Anomalous-Viscous Fluid Dynamics (AVFD) framework, which simulates the evolution of fermion currents in QGP on top of the bulk expansion from data-validated VISHNU hydrodynamics. With reasonable estimates of initial conditions and magnetic field lifetime, the predicted CME signal is quantitatively consistent with change separation measurements in 200GeV Au-Au collisions at RHIC. We further develop the event-by-event AVFD simulations that allow direct evaluation of two-particle correlations arising from CME signal as well as the non-CME backgrounds. Finally we report predictions from AVFD simulations for the upcoming isobaric (Ru-Ru v.s. Zr-Zr ) collisions that could provide the critical test of the CME in heavy ion collisions.