Quality evaluation of Yin Chen Hao Tang extract based on fingerprint chromatogram and simultaneous determination of five bioactive constituents.

Research paper by Xijun X Wang, Haitao H Lv, Hui H Sun, Xingang X Jiang, Zeming Z Wu, Wenjun W Sun, Ping P Wang, Lian L Liu, Kaishun K Bi

Indexed on: 12 Dec '07Published on: 12 Dec '07Published in: Journal of Separation Science


A completely validated method based on HPLC coupled with photodiode array detector (HPLC-UV) was described for evaluating and controlling quality of Yin Chen Hao Tang extract (YCHTE). First, HPLC-UV fingerprint chromatogram of YCHTE was established for preliminarily elucidating amount and chromatographic trajectory of chemical constituents in YCHTE. Second, for the first time, five mainly bioactive constituents in YCHTE were simultaneously determined based on fingerprint chromatogram for furthermore controlling the quality of YCHTE quantitatively. The developed method was applied to analyze 12 batches of YCHTE samples which consisted of herbal drugs from different places of production, showed acceptable linearity, intraday (RSD <5%), interday precision (RSD <4.80%), and accuracy (RSD <2.80%). As a result, fingerprint chromatogram determined 15 representative general fingerprint peaks, and the fingerprint chromatogram resemblances are all better than 0.9996. The contents of five analytes in different batches of YCHTE samples do not indicate significant difference. So, it is concluded that the developed HPLC-UV method is a more fully validated and complete method for evaluating and controlling the quality of YCHTE.