QFS-Domains and their Lawson Compactness

Research paper by Gaolin Li, Luoshan Xu

Indexed on: 04 Nov '11Published on: 04 Nov '11Published in: Order


In this paper, concepts of quasi-finitely separating maps and quasi-approximate identities are introduced. Based on these concepts, QFS-domains and quasicontinuous maps are defined. Properties and characterizations of QFS-domains are explored. Main results are: (1) finite products, nonempty Scott closed subsets and quasicontinuous projection images of QFS-domains, as well as FS-domains, are all QFS-domains; (2) QFS-domains are compact in the Lawson topology; (3) An L-domain is a QFS-domain iff it is an FS-domain, iff it is compact in the Lawson topology; (4) Bounded complete quasicontinuous domains, in particular quasicontinuous lattices, are all QFS-domains.