Q^2-Evolution of Nucleon's Chiral-Odd Twist-3 Structure Function: h_L(x,Q^2)

Research paper by Y. Koike, K. Tanaka

Indexed on: 16 Dec '94Published on: 16 Dec '94Published in: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology


We investigate the $Q^{2}$-evolution of the chiral-odd spin-dependent parton distribution $h_{L}(x, Q^{2})$ relevant for the polarized Drell-Yan processes. The results are obtained in the leading logarithmic order in the framework of the renormalization group and the standard QCD perturbation theory. We calculate the anomalous dimension matrix for the twist-3 operators for $h_{L}$ in the one-loop order. The operator mixing among the relevant twist-3 operators including the operators proportional to the QCD equations of motion is treated properly in a consistent scheme. Implications for future experiments are also discussed.