Pulmonary fibrosis in an individual occupationally exposed to inhaled indium-tin oxide.

Research paper by S S Homma, A A Miyamoto, S S Sakamoto, K K Kishi, N N Motoi, K K Yoshimura

Indexed on: 11 Jan '05Published on: 11 Jan '05Published in: European Respiratory Journal


Despite the increasing industrial use of indium-tin oxide (ITO) to manufacture flat-panel displays, such as liquid-crystal displays or plasma display panels for televisions, little is known about the potential health hazard induced by occupational exposure to indium compounds. The current study describes a case of fibrotic lung disease that developed after a 4-yr exposure to ITO. The pathology of the lung demonstrated pulmonary fibrosis with the presence of cholesterol granulomas. In conclusion, more attention needs to be paid to the possible toxic effects of indium compounds, and maximum healthcare measures should be taken to protect industry workers from these toxicities.