Public Health-Driven Research and Innovation for Next-Generation Influenza Vaccines, European Union.

Research paper by Adoración A Navarro-Torné, Finnian F Hanrahan, Barbara B Kerstiëns, Pilar P Aguar, Line L Matthiessen

Indexed on: 23 Jan '19Published on: 23 Jan '19Published in: Emerging infectious diseases


Influenza virus infections are a major public health threat. Vaccination is available, but unpredictable antigenic changes in circulating strains require annual modification of seasonal influenza vaccines. Vaccine effectiveness has proven limited, particularly in certain groups, such as the elderly. Moreover, preparedness for upcoming pandemics is challenging because we can predict neither the strain that will cause the next pandemic nor the severity of the pandemic. The European Union fosters research and innovation to develop novel vaccines that evoke broadly protective and long-lasting immune responses against both seasonal and pandemic influenza, underpinned by a political commitment to global public health.