[Psychoeducation and quality of life: an amplification of the evaluation study in Graz (Part 1). Psychoeducation with psychotic patients].

Research paper by Barbara B Kreiner, Andreas A Baranyi, Alexandra A Stepan, Hans-Bernd HB Rothenhäusler

Indexed on: 22 Jun '12Published on: 22 Jun '12Published in: neuropsychiatrie


This study is an amplification of the evaluation study in Graz and aimed at evaluating the effects of psychoeducation (PE) on psychotic patients.26 psychotic patients participated in nine PE-group sessions and observer as well as self-rating scales were completed before and after PE.A significant increase in psychological wellbeing, in psychosis-related knowledge and a reduction of psychopathology was found. The degree of psychopathology influenced life-quality and psychosis - related knowledge but still patients with severe psychopathology benefit from PE. Using regression analyses further variables fostering the PE-success were tried to be identified.A multidimensional consideration of the lifequality-concept is necessary for evaluation of PE. In clinical practice PE groups with patients suffering from different psychotic diseases can be well implemented and are very effective. The results underline the relevance of PE in an inpatient psychiatric setting.