Pseudocrossing-model analysis of the Lyman spectra and formation rates of transfer-generated muonic atoms

Research paper by A. Bertin, M. Capponi, I. Massa, M. Piccinini, G. Vannini, M. Poli, A. Vitale

Indexed on: 10 May '08Published on: 10 May '08Published in: Il Nuovo Cimento A (1971-1996)


The observed reaction rates (λμp,Y) and the Lyman spectra of the muonic X-radiation (Xμp) released in sequence to the processes μp +ZY → (μZY)* + p[(μZY)* → (μZY)1S + Xμp] are analysed for the casesZY=Ar, Kr and Xe in terms of the pseudocrossing model for the muon transfer mechanism. While there is only a qualitative agreement between theoretical and experimental rates, the observed relative intensity ratios within the Xμp radiation are in fair agreement with the predictions of the pseudocrossing model.