Providing live supervision via teleconferencing improves acquisition of motivational interviewing skills after workshop attendance.

Research paper by Jennifer L JL Smith, Paul C PC Amrhein, Adam C AC Brooks, Kenneth M KM Carpenter, Deborah D Levin, Elizabeth A EA Schreiber, Laura A LA Travaglini, Edward V EV Nunes

Indexed on: 17 Mar '07Published on: 17 Mar '07Published in: The American journal of drug and alcohol abuse


Teleconferencing Supervision is a method for training community-based substance abuse clinicians in Motivational Interviewing (MI). Following a 2-day workshop, 13 clinicians received live supervision via telephone during 5 counseling sessions conducted at their community treatment facilities. Clinicians were assessed for skill level at post-workshop, at post-training, and 3 months later; learning was assessed using the MI Treatment Integrity instrument. All summary scores and therapist behavior frequency counts improved by post-training or by the 3 month follow-up, although some gains were not statistically significant. Teleconferencing Supervision may help facilitate the proficient use of MI community clinicians following workshop instruction.