Proteomes, Vol. 4, Pages 40: Enzymes and Metabolites in Carbohydrate Metabolism of Desiccation Tolerant Plants

Research paper by Qingwei Zhang, Xiaomin Song, Dorothea Bartels

Indexed on: 23 Dec '16Published on: 15 Dec '16Published in: Proteomes


Resurrection plants can tolerate extreme water loss. Substantial sugar accumulation is a phenomenon in resurrection plants during dehydration. Sugars have been identified as one important factor contributing to desiccation tolerance. Phylogenetic diversity of resurrection plants reflects the diversity of sugar metabolism in response to dehydration. Sugars, which accumulate during dehydration, have been shown to protect macromolecules and membranes and to scavenge reactive oxygen species. This review focuses on the performance of enzymes participating in sugar metabolism during dehydration stress. The relation between sugar metabolism and other biochemical activities is discussed and open questions as well as potential experimental approaches are proposed.