Proteome of Plant Peroxisomes.

Research paper by Ronghui R Pan, Jianping J Hu

Indexed on: 01 Nov '18Published on: 01 Nov '18Published in: Sub-cellular biochemistry


Plant peroxisomes are required for a number of fundamental physiological processes, such as primary and secondary metabolism, development and stress response. Indexing the dynamic peroxisome proteome is prerequisite to fully understanding the importance of these organelles. Mass Spectrometry (MS)-based proteome analysis has allowed the identification of novel peroxisomal proteins and pathways in a relatively high-throughput fashion and significantly expanded the list of proteins and biochemical reactions in plant peroxisomes. In this chapter, we summarize the experimental proteomic studies performed in plants, compile a list of ~200 confirmed Arabidopsis peroxisomal proteins, and discuss the diverse plant peroxisome functions with an emphasis on the role of Arabidopsis MS-based proteomics in discovering new peroxisome functions. Many plant peroxisome proteins and biochemical pathways are specific to plants, substantiating the complexity, plasticity and uniqueness of plant peroxisomes. Mapping the full plant peroxisome proteome will provide a knowledge base for the improvement of crop production, quality and stress tolerance.