Proposal for manipulating and detecting spin and orbital States of trapped electrons on helium using cavity quantum electrodynamics.

Research paper by D I DI Schuster, A A Fragner, M I MI Dykman, S A SA Lyon, R J RJ Schoelkopf

Indexed on: 28 Sep '10Published on: 28 Sep '10Published in: Physical review letters


We propose a hybrid architecture in which an on-chip high finesse superconducting cavity is coupled to the lateral motion and spin state of a single electron trapped on the surface of superfluid helium. We estimate the motional coherence times to exceed 15  μs, while energy will be coherently exchanged with the cavity photons in less than 10 ns for charge states and faster than 1  μs for spin states, making the system attractive for quantum information processing and strong coupling cavity quantum electrodynamics experiments. The cavity is used for nondestructive readout and as a quantum bus mediating interactions between distant electrons or an electron and a superconducting qubit.