Properties of porous permeable ceramic based on monofractional corundum powders and nanodispersed binder

Research paper by B. L. Krasnyi, V. P. Tarasovskii, A. B. Krasnyi, A. L. Kuteinikova

Indexed on: 23 Sep '09Published on: 23 Sep '09Published in: Glass and Ceramics


It is concluded on the basis of calculations performed for different types of close packing of spherical particles that porous permeable ceramic materials with open porosity greater than 42 ± 3% it is can be created, in practice, from monofractional corundum powder. It is shown that the formation method (semidry pressing and slip casting) and the habit of the crystals affect the open porosity of the ceramic. The chemical resistance of the porous ceramic materials obtained to nitric acid and sodium hydroxide is evaluated.