Properties of homogeneous cosmologies in scalar tensor theories

Research paper by Stephane Fay

Indexed on: 16 Sep '05Published on: 16 Sep '05Published in: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology


We study the isotropisation of the homogeneous but anisotropic Bianchi class A models in presence of a minimally coupled and massive scalar field with or without a perfect fluid. To this end, we use the Hamiltonian formalism of Arnowitt, Deser and Misner(ADM) and the dynamical systems analysis methods. Our results allow to define three kinds of isotropisation called class 1, 2 and 3. We have specifically studied the class 1 and obtained some general constraints on scalar-tensor theories which are necessary conditions for isotropisation. The asymptotical behaviors of the metric functions and potential in the neighborhood of isotropy have also been determined when the isotropic state is reached sufficiently quickly. We show that the scalar field responsible for isotropisation may be quintessent and that the presence of curvature favor a late times acceleration and quintessence. Some applications are made with the well known exponential law potential by using our theoretical results but also by help of numerical analysis. The isotropisation process with a power law potential is also explored. We think this work represents a framework able to guide some future researches on the isotropisation of homogeneous models in scalar-tensor theories and we argue by discussing briefly about some recent results we have obtained in presence of a non minimally coupled scalar field or several scalar fields.