Properties of equilibrium carbon dioxide hydrate in porous medium

Research paper by V.P. Voronov, E.E. Gorodetskii, V.E. Podnek, B.A. Grigoriev

Indexed on: 30 Jul '16Published on: 26 Jul '16Published in: Chemical Physics


Specific heat capacity, dissociation heat and hydration number of carbon dioxide hydrate in porous medium are determined by adiabatic calorimetry method. The measurements were carried out in the temperature range 250÷290 K and in pressure range 1÷5 MPa. The measured specific heat of the hydrate is approximately 2.7 J/(g K), which is significantly larger than the specific heat of methane hydrate. In particular, at heating, larger value of the specific heat of carbon dioxide hydrate is a result of gas emission from the hydrate. The hydration number at the hydrate-gas coexistence changes from 6.2 to 6.9. The dissociation heat of carbon dioxide hydrate varies from the 55 kJ/mol near the upper quadruple point to the 57 kJ/mol near the lower quadruple point.

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