Propagation and interaction of non-linear surface and internal waves in a two-layer fluid

Research paper by S. V. Korsunsky

Indexed on: 01 Sep '95Published on: 01 Sep '95Published in: Physical Oceanography


This paper focuses on the study of linear and non-linear surface and internal waves, in a complete setting, using a two-layer model of a stratified fluid. The respective Korteweg-de Vries evolutionary equations have been obtained, analysed, and compared with the ‘rigid lid’ model data. Boussinesq-type equations have been derived for the interacting modes pertaining to one type and to different types. It is shown that in addition to the known mechanisms of interaction between internal and surface waves, interaction between long non-linear baroclinic modes and barotropic modes, propagating in the same direction, is likely in such a system.