Promotional effects of rare-earth (La, Ce and Pr) modification over HZSM-5 for methyl mercaptan catalytic decomposition

Research paper by LiuJiangpinga, HeDedongab, ChenDingkaia, HaoHushenga, YuJiea, LuJichanga, LiuFenga, LiuPana, ZhaoYutonga, LuoYongminga

Indexed on: 25 Oct '17Published on: 01 Jul '17Published in: Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers


•Adding Ce, Pr and La improved catalytic activity of HZSM-5 for CH3SH decomposition.•The strong acidity decreased and the basicity increased after Ce, Pr and La addition.•Rare earth with different ionic radii caused different basicity of the modified catalysts.•La modified HZSM-5 exhibited higher catalytic activity than Ce and Pr doped catalysts.