Proline accumulation in two bean cultivars under salt stress and the effect of polyamines and ornithine

Research paper by J. F. Jiménez-Bremont, A. Becerra-Flora, E. Hernández-Lucero, M. Rodríguez-Kessler, J. A. Acosta-Gallegos, J. G. Ramírez-Pimentel

Indexed on: 01 Dec '06Published on: 01 Dec '06Published in: Biologia Plantarum


Proline accumulation in two different bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivars, one drought-sensitive (Canario 60) and one drought-resistant (Pinto Villa) was investigated. Both tolerated salt concentrations up to 150 mM NaCl, but the sensitive Canario 60 did not survive at 400 mM NaCl. In response to salt stress, both cvs. accumulated proline in all the analyzed tissues, the lowest contents were detected in roots. Pinto Villa accumulated higher proline concentrations than Canario 60 only at 400 mM NaCl. The addition of polyamines or ornithine increased proline content in plant tissues without stress, while they decreased it under salt stress.

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