Production of dense magnesite-chromite refractories

Research paper by B. D. Minkovich, G. I. Antonov, V. V. Kosogolov, P. L. Kotik

Indexed on: 01 Jul '63Published on: 01 Jul '63Published in: Refractories and Industrial Ceramics


The equipment of the Nikitov Dolomite Combine (NDK) was used to develop the production of dense magnesite-chromite roof refractories using a technology developed by UNIIO.Testing of these refractories in the roofs of open-hearth furnaces at the Kirov Metallurgical plant, working on natural gas, showed an increase in their life of 15–17% with a simultaneous increase in the output as a result of combined use of oxygen.It is necessary to organize the production of dense roof refractories using the UNIIO method, making it possible to increase the life of roofs in conditions of intense operations of open-hearth furnaces.