Processing and property of textured lead-free SrTi4Bi4O15 piezoelectric ceramics

Research paper by Hua Hao, Hanxing Liu, Shixi Ouyang

Indexed on: 12 May '07Published on: 12 May '07Published in: Journal of Electroceramics


In this paper, textured SrTi4Bi4O15(SBT) ceramics were produced by tape casting and hot-pressing to improve the piezoelectric property. Plate-like SBT powders were synthesized by a molten salt synthesis (MSS) method. Tape casting and hot-pressing were employed to obtain (00l) oriented SBT ceramics at 1,000°C with a density of 98.3%. Anisotropy characters of textured SBT were measured by piezoelectric coefficient and hysteresis loop. Compared with randomly oriented ceramics, textured SBT shown enhancements in the piezoelectric properties. Property of perpendicular to hot pressing direction (d33 = 17 pC/N) was more eminent than that of parallel to hot pressing direction (d33 = 1 pC/N).