Process Signatures of EDM and ECM Processes – Overview from Part Functionality and Surface Modification Point of View ☆

Research paper by Andreas Klink

Indexed on: 15 Mar '16Published on: 11 Mar '16Published in: Procedia CIRP


The concept of Process Signatures, which aggregates information on material modifications caused by thermal, mechanical and chemical process-induced loadings, is a promising new strategy to achieve a knowledge-based solution of the so-called inverse surface integrity problem. This paper presents an overview on the projection of the above mentioned concept on selected research activities for state-of-the-art Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) as well as Electrochemical Machining (ECM) technologies. Within the paper representative process application examples are used to briefly discuss the process induced energy dissipation and the resulting surface modifications. Similarities and differences due to the distinct active physical principle of material removal are analyzed. Finally, a methodology to enable a standardized comparison of material loadings and resulting surface integrity in future will be introduced.