Probing punctual magnetic singularities during magnetization process in FePd films

Research paper by Aurélien Masseboeuf, Thomas Jourdan, Frédéric Lançon, Alain Marty, Pascale Bayle-Guillemaud

Indexed on: 25 Sep '09Published on: 25 Sep '09Published in: Physics - Materials Science


We report the use of Lorentz microscopy to observe the domain wall structure during the magnetization process in FePd thin foils. We have focused on the magnetic structure of domain walls of bubble-shaped magnetic domains near saturation. Regions are found along the domain walls where the magnetization abruptly reverses. Multiscale magnetic simulations shown that these regions are vertical Bloch lines (VBL) and the different bubble shapes observed are then related to the inner structure of the VBLs. We were thus able to probe the presence of magnetic singularities as small as Bloch points in the inner magnetization of the domain walls.