Probability that product of real random matrices have all eigenvalues real tend to 1

Research paper by Tulasi Ram Reddy

Indexed on: 24 Jun '16Published on: 24 Jun '16Published in: Mathematics - Probability


In this article we consider products of real random matrices with fixed size. Let $A_1,A_2, \dots $ be i.i.d $k \times k$ real matrices, whose entries are independent and identically distributed from probability measure $\mu$. Let $X_n = A_1A_2\dots A_n$. Then it is conjectured that $$\mathbb{P}(X_n \text{ has all real eigenvalues}) \rightarrow 1 \text{ as } n \rightarrow \infty.$$ We show that the conjecture is true when $\mu$ has an atom.