Pro-environmental analysis of farmers' concerns and behaviors towards soil conservation in central district of Sari County, Iran

Research paper by Masoud Bijani, Ezatollah Ghazani, Naser Valizadeh, Negin Fallah Haghighi

Indexed on: 22 Mar '17Published on: 18 Mar '17Published in: International Soil and Water Conservation Research


This study aimed to pro-environmentally analyze farmers' concerns and behaviors towards soil conservation. This research was a descriptive, causal, and correlational and conducted through a survey technique. The study population consisted of all farmers at the central district of Sari county, Iran (N=9621). Based on the Cochran's formula, 120 farmers were selected using stratified random sampling. The instrument employed in this study was a questionnaire with its validity being confirmed by a number of academic experts and agriculture specialists and its reliability being proved using Cronbach's alpha coefficients in a pilot study (outside the scope of the current study). (0.66≤α≤0.90). The results of the analysis regarding the effects of independent variables on the variables "soil conservation behavior" and "soil conservation concern" indicated that, among the variables affecting these two variables, the variable "attitude towards soil conservation "was the most powerful predictor of "soil conservation concerns" and the variable "social pressures on soil conservation" predicted farmers' "soil conservation behaviors" better. Furthermore, the independent variables used in this research could predict 42% of the variance in terms of soil conservation concern and 21% of the variance in terms of soil conservation behavior. These findings can be practical and appropriate for executive officials since, instead of making efforts to direct change the behavior, they can first focus on conceptual changes and persuasive changes like changing attitudes towards soil conservation.

Figure 10.1016/j.iswcr.2017.03.001.0.jpg
Figure 10.1016/j.iswcr.2017.03.001.1.jpg

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