Primary T lymphocytes as targets for gene therapy.

Research paper by Y Y Hanazono, K E KE Brown, C E CE Dunbar

Indexed on: 25 Nov '00Published on: 25 Nov '00Published in: Journal of hematotherapy & stem cell research


Peripheral blood T lymphocytes have been considered an attractive target for gene therapy applications. They can be easily harvested and readily expanded ex vivo. The transduction efficiency of primary human lymphocytes with standard retroviral vectors approaches 50% or more using optimized methods of gene transfer. Other methods of gene transfer, including adenoviral, adeno-associated viral, and lentiviral vectors, or nonviral techniques, have also been used for gene transfer into primary lymphocytes. Despite encouraging results in vitro, human clinical trials using retroviral vectors to transduce primary lymphocytes have been hindered by low expression levels of transgenes and immune responses against transgene products. Strategies to overcome these problems need to be developed.