Prevention of trauma to soft tissues from opposing dental implants in completely edentulous patients.

Research paper by Kunwarjeet K Singh, Nidhi N Gupta

Indexed on: 26 Jun '14Published on: 26 Jun '14Published in: Gerodontology


To suggest a technique to prevent trauma of the edentulous ridge from opposing dental implants when prosthesis kept out during night.In modern dentistry, implant-supported overdentures are commonly fabricated to minimise the problems associated particularly with mandibular conventional removable denture such as the lack of retention or stability, decreased chewing efficiency, difficulties in speech and soft tissue abrasion. The patients wearing two implant-retained overdentures that are mainly soft tissues supported-implant-retained overdentures are advised to keep prosthesis out of the oral cavity during night to allow the tissues to rest and remain healthy. Few of such patients might complaint about trauma of the opposing soft tissues by the dental implants when prosthesis is kept out.A thermoplastic resin mouthguard was fabricated by adapting the modelling wax over the abutments on the master cast from thermoplastic resin sheets. The wax was removed and guard was filled with chemically cure permanent silicone soft liner and immediately placed in the patient mouth.The trauma caused by dental implants to the opposing edentulous ridge was effectively managed by soft thermoplastic resin mouthguard filled with permanent silicone soft liner.