Preventing chimerism in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Research paper by A. M. Van Harten, H. Bouter, A. Van Ommeren

Indexed on: 01 Feb '72Published on: 01 Feb '72Published in: Euphytica


A fast neutron irradiation experiment using two different dose rates has been performed on the potato variety Desiree in order to obtain chimera-free mutants. Both tubers and tuber parts (cross sections) were de-eyed at different moments before and after irradiation. Adventitious sprouts successively developing on the callus in the holes of excised eyes were separated from the treated tubers and planted individually. So called ‘grouped’ sprouts were separated. Results indicated that (practically) chimera-free mutants can be obtained by de-eying tuber parts shortly before irradiation, by applying relatively high dose-rates and by taking adventitious sprouts which develop not earlier than three months after irradiation.Separation of the grouped sprouts demonstrated that each part originated from a single original cell.