Pressure-induced suppression of charge density wave and emergence of Superconductivity in 1T-VSe2

Research paper by S. Sahoo, U. Dutta, L. Harnagea, A. K. Sood, S. Karmakar

Indexed on: 14 Oct '20Published on: 30 Aug '19Published in: arXiv - Physics - Strongly Correlated Electrons


We report pressure evolution of charge density wave (CDW) order and emergence of superconductivity (SC) in 1T-VSe2 single crystal by studying resistance and magnetoresistance behavior under high pressure. With increasing quasi-hydrostatic pressure the CDW order enhances with increase ofthe ordering temperature up to 240K at 12 GPa. Upon further increase of pressure, the resistance anomaly due to CDW order gets suppressed drastically and superconductivity emerges at ~15 GPa, with the onset critical temperature (Tc) ~ 4K. The pressure dependence of Tc is found negligible, different from the significant increase or a dome-shape seen in iso-structural layered diselenide superconductors. The high pressure magnetoresistance and Hall measurements suggest successive electronic structural changes with Fermi surface modifications at 6 GPa and 12GPa. From the observed negative magnetoresistance in this pressure range and absence of coexisting CDW and SC phases, we propose that intra-layer spin-fluctuation can play a role in the emergence of superconductivity in the high pressure phase.