Preparation of Ti-Mo getters by injection molding

Research paper by Zhenmei Zhao, Xiuying Wei, Yuhua Xiong, Changhui Mao

Indexed on: 15 Mar '09Published on: 15 Mar '09Published in: Rare Metals


Ti-Mo getters have been fabricated via metal injection molding (MIM) using three kinds of Ti powders with different mean particle sizes of 46 μm, 35 μm and 26 μm, respectively. The surface morphology, porosity, and hydrogen sorption properties of Ti-Mo getters formed by MIM using paraffin wax as a principal binder constituent were examined. It has been proven that the powder injection molding is a viable forming technique for porous Ti-Mo getters. The particle size of Ti powders and the powder loading influence the porosity of getters, and this affects the sorption capacity of Ti-Mo getters. Ti-Mo getters produced with the Ti powders possessing a mean particle size of 35 μm using a powder loading of 40 vol.% have a high porosity, resulting in a good sorption capacity.