Preparation of the monomers of gingerols and 6-shogaol by flash high speed counter-current chromatography.

Research paper by Qingliang Q Qiao, Qizhen Q Du

Indexed on: 05 Jan '11Published on: 05 Jan '11Published in: Journal of Chromatography A


The flash high speed counter-current chromatographic (FHSCCC) separation of gingerols and 6-shogaol was performed on a HSCCC instrument equipped with a 1200-ml column (5 mm tubing i.d.) at a flow rate of 25 ml/min. The performance met the FHSCCC feature that the flow rate of mobile phase (ml) is equal to or greater than the square of the diameter of the column tubing (mm). The separation employed the upper phase of stationary phase of the n-hexane-ethyl acetate-methanol-water (3:2:2:3, v/v) as the stationary phase. A stepwise elution was performed by eluting with the lower phase of n-hexane-ethyl acetate-methanol-water (3:2:2:3, v/v) for first 90 min and the lower phase of the n-hexane-ethyl acetate-methanol-water (3:2:6:5, v/v) for the second 90 min. In each separation 5 g of the ethyl acetate extract of rhizomes of ginger was loaded, yielding 1.96 g of 6-gingerol (98.3%), 0.33 g of 8-gingerol (97.8%), 0.64 g of 6-shogaol (98.8%) and 0.57 g of 10-gingerol (98.2%). The separation can be expected to scale up to industrial separation.