Preparation of ibuprofen-loaded liquid suppository using eutectic mixture system with menthol.

Research paper by Chul Soon CS Yong, Yu-Kyoung YK Oh, Se Hyun SH Jung, Jong-Dal JD Rhee, Ho-Dong HD Kim, Chong-Kook CK Kim, Han-Gon HG Choi

Indexed on: 30 Nov '04Published on: 30 Nov '04Published in: European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences


To prepare an ibuprofen-loaded liquid suppository using eutectic mixture with menthol, the effects of menthol and poloxamer 188 (P 188) on the aqueous solubility of ibuprofen were investigated. The physicochemical properties such as gelation temperature, gel strength and bioadhesive force of various formulations composed of ibuprofen, menthol and P 188 were investigated. Then, the pharmacokinetic study of ibuprofen delivered by the liquid suppositories composed of P 188 and menthol were then performed. In the absence of P 188, the solubility of ibuprofen increased until the ratio of menthol to ibuprofen increased from 0:10 to 4:6 followed by an abrupt decrease in solubility above the ratio of 4:6, indicating that four parts of ibuprofen formed eutectic mixture with six parts of menthol. In the presence of P 188, the solutions with the same ratio showed abrupt increase in the solubility of ibuprofen. Furthermore, the solution with ratio of 4:6 showed more than 2.5- and 6-fold increase in the solubility of ibuprofen compared with that without additives and that without menthol, respectively. The poloxamer gel with menthol/ibuprofen ratio of 1:9 and higher than 15% poloxamer 188 showed the maximum solubility of ibuprofen, 1.2mg/ml. Ibuprofen increased the gelation temperature and weakened the gel strength and bioadhesive force of liquid suppositories. However, menthol did the opposite due to forming the eutectic mixture with ibuprofen. The ibuprofen-loaded liquid suppository [P 188/menthol/ibuprofen (15/0.25/2.5%)] with the maximum ibuprofen solubility of 1.2mg/ml was administered easily to the anus and to remain at the administered site without leakage after the dose. Furthermore, it gave significantly higher initial plasma concentrations, Cmax and AUC of ibuprofen than did solid suppository, indicating that the drug from poloxamer gel could be more absorbed than that from solid one in rats. Thus, the liquid suppository system with P 188 and menthol, a more convenient and effective rectal dosage form for ibuprofen will be expected to enhance the rectal bioavailability of ibuprofen.